Love for Leadership gives you

Executive coaching
- for yourself or one of your (potential) leaders
- 1 on 1 coaching sessions, on location or via Skype
- leadership starts with yourself; knowing who you are,  what you want and where you want to go to. As a leader and as a human being

Leadership workshops
- for your leadership development program, your leadership team or your leadership seminar.
- 1 hour, 2 hour or half-day inspiration sessions; challenging and energizing
- themes e.g.: CONSCIOUS Leadership, Your Leadership WHY, Building executive PRESENCE, Leadership and MINDFULNESS, Developing HUMAN TO HUMAN connection

Online inspiration
- instant inspiration and energy; from 2 MINUTES ‘RESET’ sessions to refocus yourself to a 9-WEEK Mindful Leadership CHALLENGE
- on demand, wherever you need it, whenever you need it
- a lot of free videos, audios and webinars

LIAN KA is a very experienced and highly energizing LEADERSHIP COACH and INSPIRATOR